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WebLink Investor Relations

Online Investor Relations is growing in importance every day. Thousands of investors look to your corporate website for information about the future of your company, evaluating its potential or confirming the value of the investment they have made.

WebLink is the main supplier in Australia for investor relations data services. We provide a wide range of solutions for investor relations sections of list and non listed corporate websites. These solutions provide important information for current and potential investors, such as share price quotes, historical data, company announcements, fundamentals data and more.

Our range of clients is wide, and includes WMC, Rio Tinto and AMP among many others.

Questions and Answers

How much is the service?
We will send you an indicative quote on some common services. Please contact us on 02 9495 8400 to discuss your requirements.
How do I order?
We will send you an order form to select the services that you will require. You are able to specifiy the colour, font and size to blend in with your web site.
How long does it take from the time of order?
The standard setup time is 2-3 days.
Is it difficult to setup?
It is very easy for a web developer to add in the various features to a web site using standard html commands. We provide you with a link to a graphic, html page or XML to embed into your site.

Pre-Built Examples

Examples of services we can supply are below. The colours and layout can be customised to suit your website.

Last Price image

A Last Price Image is a small graphic that just contains the most recent price of your company's stock. Since you can customise the colours, the text, and the layout, the Last Price Image would be a great addition to any company's home-page.

The data in a Last Price image is 20 minute delayed, and updates automatically throughout the day.


Last Share Price

Quote Table

A Quote Table gives a summary of the current day's trading data. They are often placed above a share-price chart. The data in a Quote Table is 20 minute delayed, and updates automatically throughout the trading day.

Fields typically included are Last Price, Movement, Open, High and Low prices, as well as trading volume. Other information available includes Market Capitalisation, and 52 Week High and Low prices, among many others.


Share Price Details

Price Chart

Price Charts indicate visually to your investors how their shares have performed over a certain period. The colours and design can be customised, making the charts an extremely attractive addition to your investor relations website.

Charts can display data over any time period, from intraday data to prices over several years. This is helpful in highlighting either long or short-term performance. Depending on the time-frame selected, charts can be updated on a weekly, daily, or intraday (20 minute delayed) basis.

The size of the charts can be controlled to fit a small area as part of a larger page, or up to full screen size for extra clarity.

Charts can display ASX and S&P indices, so you can compare your company's performance with a market index such as the All Ordinaries, or a relevant sector index such as the S&P/ASX 200 Energy Index.


Price Chart

Price Chart

Interactive Chart

If you want to add even more value to your Investor Relations site, you can have an Interactive Chart. You can customise it just like the Price Chart, but shareholders who visit the site can choose to view different time-periods, or indicators, or indexes.


Share Price Chart

Share Price Calculator

To help investors calculate how much their shares are worth, you can have a Share Price Calculator that will instantly display the total price of their shares, using the latest price from the stockmarket.

Current Price $

World Indices

World Currencies

Top Movers

Company News

Security Details

Security Details tables give more detail about your company's shares, including Fundamentals and Dividends data. This is useful for automating the provision of such data on your website, as the data is updated automatically when the ASX recieves the information through normal reporting practices.


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