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WebLink FAQ

Welcome to the WebLink FAQ
Last updated 10th February, 2004

Select one of the links below to view our answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed here, or if you would like more information, please contact us.

Customer Support

  1. How can I contact WebLink?
  2. How can I send feedback about this site?
  3. How much does it cost to join WebLink?
  4. Terms & Conditions of use
  5. Non Advisory Notice

Trouble Shooting

  1. Problems with Dynamic Data pages
  2. Problems with connecting through a firewall
  3. Problems with bookmarks
  4. Test Cookies and Sessions
  5. Report a problem with BullStation or BullCharts

Technical Questions

  1. What browser versions do you support?
  2. What browser version do I have?
  3. How can I upgrade my browser?
  4. What about screen resolution?
  5. Can I make bookmarks in this site?
  6. What are cookies? How can I enable them?
  7. Can I use one account on two computers at the same time?

General Data Questions

  1. What international data is available?
  2. Where can I learn more about the news services?
  3. How are intraday chart values calculated?

International Data Questions

  1. What international data is now available?
  2. Who has access to this new data?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. In which currency are stocks quoted?
  5. Which sections of the website will display US data?
  6. How do I access or use international data?
  7. What happens with SFE futures?

WebLink Portfolio & Email System

  1. How do I view a portfolio as a ticker?
  2. How do I set up daily data emails?
  3. How to change the columns you in Portfolios by using templates?
  4. How does Share Holding Valuation work?

WebLink PageViews

  1. What is the PageView system?
  2. How can I see how many page views I've used?
  3. What pages count as PageViews?
  4. Does it count if I type in the wrong ASX code?
  5. How many PageViews do I get?
  6. Will I get any warnings when I am approaching my limit?
  7. When is the PageView count reset?
  8. How can I tell if the page I viewed counts as a PageView?
  9. Can I buy more PageViews for this month only?
  10. What has changed since 1st March 2003?

ASX Company Announcements

  1. What is the PDF format? Do I need any special software?
  2. What are the benefits of PDF?
  3. What other changes have been made to news?
  4. Who gets access to PDF articles?
  5. Can I get a list of the live articles I have viewed?
  6. I don't like PDF, can we go back to the old version?
  7. What do the news icons mean?
  8. Why are some PDF announcements in colour, and some black and white?
  9. Why does it take longer for articles to download?

Using Data in Excel

  1. What are CSV files?
  2. How can I more easily import website data?
  3. Can I use dynamic data in Excel?
  4. Step by step guide to Excel Web Queries
  5. Can I use the Excel Web Query automatic refresh feature?

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