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Concurrent Login Prevention FAQ

If you are being logged out frequently and unexpectedly, please try the following:

  • If you use two separate browsers (eg Internet Explorer and Netscape) to access this site simultaneously, then they will cause each other to log out. However it is OK to use multiple windows of the same browser.
  • You may be sharing your account with a friend, or trying to use two computers at the same time. These are not allowed under the new ASX guidelines. Please contact us or use our online registration system if you require additional accounts.
  • Someone may have stolen your login details. Try changing your password. Do not disclose your login details to anyone else.
  • Try completely closing and restarting your browser. This is a general troubleshooting tip for all browser related problems.
  • When starting a second Internet Explorer window, try using Ctrl+N or the file menu instead of using the Start menu or the Quick Links toolbar. This causes Internet Explorer to handle per-session cookies in a more reliable manner.
  • If you have cookie filtering software, or your cookies are disabled, this could cause problems. Make sure cookies are enabled. See the FAQ below for more details on this.
  • Avoid logging into one computer with two separate accounts at the same time. This may cause problems and is generally unnecessary.
  • If problems persist, please contact us for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I do if I keep getting logged out?
    Read through the above troubleshooting guide. If these don't help, please contact us.
  • Why have you added this restriction?
    This restriction has been implemented to comply with the new ASX policy guidelines regarding access to ASX stock market data. Many people have been sharing their accounts with their friends, which costs the ASX and WebLink. Please also see WebLink's terms and conditions of use.
  • Can I use my account from work and at home?
    Yes. You may use your account from as many locations as you wish, as long as only one is logged in at a time. If you log in at a new computer, the previous computer is logged out.
  • Can I use multiple computers at home?
    Unfortunately no. We understand that some people like to use two or more computers to spread out and see more at once. It is technically not possible to distinguish between one person using one account on two computers, and two people using one account on two computers.Therefore this is not allowed either.
  • Can I use two or more monitors at home?
    Yes. If you connect several monitors to the one computer then you can still spread out. Newer versions of Windows supports multiple graphics adapters (which can be purchased at your local computer hardware shop fairly cheaply).
  • Can I purchase additional logins?
    If you are interested in additional accounts, please contact us to discuss our discount rates.
  • Can I share my portfolios among multiple logins?
    Please contact us if you require this feature.
  • What if I don't have a fixed IP, or if I use a proxy?
    This is ok. The system does not use IP numbers to determine if separate computers are being used. This is because IP numbers do not accurately reflect whether or not a computer is unique.
  • Why do you set two new cookies?
    Two new cookies are set to identify your browser during your session (in addition to previously existing WebLink cookies). One is a per-session cookie, and the other is a disk cookie that expires after one day. As long as one cookies survives, you won't be logged out. The disk cookie is used because a bug in some versions of Internet Explorer can cause per-session cookies to be unavailable when a new browser window is opened. The per-session cookie is used because many people run software that filters disk cookies.
  • What gets stored in the cookies?
    The cookies hold a random number, which expires after one day. It is used to show that you are using just one computer at a time.
  • What should I do if I have more questions about these changes?
    Please contact us on 02 9495 8400 or email, and one of our staff will answer your questions.


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