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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use

Non Advisory Notice

In providing this service:

  1. WebLink did not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any person; and
  2. Before making an investment decision, the investor or prospective investor needs to consider, with or without the assistance of a securities adviser, whether the advice is appropriate in light of the particular investment needs, objectives and financial circumstances of the investor or prospective investor.

Limited Liability

The recipient acknowledges that WebLink cannot guarantee continuous, uninterrupted use and availability to the WebLink Site and the Information or Derived Information via the Internet or other methods of connection. Peaks in market activity and other conditions can affect performance of the Site, timeliness and accuracy of data. WebLink shall not be liable to the recipient for its failure to provide continuity, uninterrupted use and availability via the Internet or other medium.

To the extend permitted by law, WebLink, employees, contractors and agents will have no obligation or liability of any kind with respect to any malfunction of equipment or software or the transmission of Information or Derived Information to the recipient, or the provision, storage of use of the Information or Derived Information without limiting the generality of the foregoing, for delays, interruptions, errors or omissions however occasioned (including negligence on WebLink, employees, contractors and agents) in collecting, recording, processing, storing or disseminating the Information or for the accuracy thereof.

The liability of WebLink is limited (at the option of WebLink) to either providing the relevant Service again or paying for the relevant Service to be provided again for an equivalent period of time when the failure occurred.

Prior to the execution of a security trade based upon the Information, recipient is advised to consult with a broker or other financial representative to verify pricing information.


The recipient by use of the services provided by WebLink, hereby indemnifies and agrees to keep indemnified WebLink against all loss, actions, proceedings, costs, claims and damages arising from reliance by the recipient or third persons on information obtained from services provided by WebLink.

Third party distribution

WebLink provides third part distribution of the Information under licence to institutions, corporations, software developers and web sites. Please contact WebLink for details of this service.

WebLink has expended considerable resources and investment in developing and maintaining the Information which has commercial value. The data and services provided by WebLink is for private, individual use from one terminal. No framing, extraction of web pages or Java applets, redistribution of downloaded data or redisplay of the Information in printed or electronic format is permitted without licence.

Fair Go policy

WebLink provides access to the Information and Derived Information under a Fair Go policy. WebLink assumes that information accessed is by manual clicking on the provided links or WebLink developed tools and applets. Third party parsing software, including Microsoft Excel Web Queries, that automatically extracts data from web pages or applets is not permitted. Excessive use of the site may be restricted by WebLink at its sole discretion.

One User Per Account

WebLink accounts are provided on a single user basis. This means that only one individual may access a single account. In accordance with ASX guidelines, a user may only be logged in through one device at any given time.

Warranties / endorsements

WebLink does not endorse any products and/or services referred to in the Information and Derived Information and makes no warranty or representation of any kind with respect to those products and/or services.

Our name

The name of WebLink and WebLink's logos may not be utilised in publicity or advertising without prior written permission of WebLink.

Third Party Content Providers

You must comply to all terms and conditions of all third party content providers.


'Information' means information on stocks markets, products, services, graphics, programs, text and all other forms that communicate information to the recipient.

'Recipient' means a person who has obtained access to the WebLink distributed information whether directly or indirectly.

'Derived Information' means any part of the Information or any data derived in any form from the manipulation of the Information or any part of the Information.

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