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Package Deals
Save money with our Package Deals
At WebLink, we understand that everyone has their own trading strategy. And that every one requires different data to supplement that strategy. This page gives a summary of the various package deals that we provide to try and best suit your trading needs.
Table of package deals
  Service Unlimited
Gold Silver Bronze Email
  Market Depth            
  Personal Ticker            
Stock Information
  Market Depth  
  Latest Trades & Trade Summary  
  Share Holdings
  Market Scans & Reports
  Market Map          
  Market Scatter          
  Charts w/indicators
  News Overlays on Charts        
  Intraday Indicators        
Data Download
  Data files- Daily & Hourly      
Other Features
  Auto page refresh**        
Plan Pricing/Access
  Price Data Delay Live (Dynamic) Live Live Live Live Live 20min delayed
  Page views per Month*** Unlimited Unlimited 800 800 400 200 Unlimited
  $A per month (inc GST) $151.25**** 87.95 54.95 33.00 22.00 16.50 32.95

Credit Card Processing Rate
  Mastercard/Visa 1.4%
  Amex/Diners 3.0%

Live (Dynamic) - The data updates continuously on the screen without clicking.

Live - The data is live at the time you click to refresh the page.

* Delayed articles are delayed by 20 minutes. Headlines are still displayed live. See our news FAQ for more info.

** Auto page refresh is available for selected pages only. Not all browsers support this feature.

*** A page view counts as loading one web page that contains stock market data (excluding the all ords information at the top of the screen). For example, viewing a Quick Quote for BHP counts as one page view. Viewing a portfolio of many stocks also only counts as one page view.

**** The ASX requires payment of royalties on the Unlimited Dynamic plan, because the stock market information comes as streamed live data, (unique to this dynamic plan). The base price of the Unlimited Dynamic plan is $110.00 per month, however once the ASX royalties of $41.25 per month are added, the total cost becomes $151.25 per month for Personal Investor. For Professional Investors the ASX royalties is $49.50 per month, the total cost becomes $159.50 per month

Additional Services

  These additional services can be added to any plan for the rates listed below.

Service Additional rate per month
US Data $11.00


Adv. Data Services

Daily Tick Data

Daily tick data files are available at 7pm each trading day. The files contain all trades and trade cancellations, including all extra information and conditions regarding each record. This data allows you to conduct extremely advanced analysis, as the file contains enough information to re-enact the trading day for the entire market. Please contact us more information or sample data.

Historical Tick Data

We have an archive of historical tick data files available for purchase. These form a valuable record of all market activity, including off-market trades. Please contact us more information or sample data.

Software Packages


BullCharts is an innovative charting and technical analysis system. It provides a feature rich and powerful set of tools with access to the latest strategies from local and overseas authors in analyzing the dynamics of the stock market.

BullCharts has been carefully designed to remain intuitive, easy to use and clear in presentation.

Key features include optional intraday live or end of day charts, comprehensive range of built-in indicators and scans for convenience, a portfolio to track your trades as well as access to news and market reports.

Why not take a two week free trial or view the online tour?


Metastock is a powerful technical analysis program with a comprehensive range of features. It has a clean, modern interface that allows you to customise charts to your own specifications.

Metastock has smooth internet integration, with features that allow the import of daily data from the WebLink e-mail system. Metastock easily integrates with WebLink's system, making it easy to import data from Weblink's daily e-mails.

MetaStock Software/Upgrades Pricing
Software Price* (A$)
Metastock 9.0 Win95/NT $880
Metastock Upgrade to 7.0 to 9.0
(using WebLink data)
Metastock Upgrade to 7.0 to 9.0 $584
Metastock Upgrade to 7.0 to 8.0
(plus 12 months data after midnight)
Metastock Upgrade to 7.0 to 8.0 $360
Metastock Upgrade to 6.0 to 8.0
(plus 12 months data after midnight)
Metastock Upgrade to 6.0 to 8.0 $640
*   Postage is A$16.50 for addresses within Australia. Please contact us for prices for other locations.
*   A discount of $10 is available if paying by cheque or direct transfer.
Please choose carefully as refunds only available for faulty goods. Unopened software (including plastic wrap) may be refunded less restocking fee if you obtain a Return Authorisation Number within 7 days of purchase.
All prices include GST.

Print the Order Form or call (02) 9495 8400 to order


The BEST Mac investor package, very highly recommended by our members. Market analysis program designed specifically for the individual investor-trader.

ProTA handles all aspects of quote maintenance, display and analysis, as well as charting and technical analysis. ProTA will accommodate Stocks, Mutual Funds, Market Indices, Futures, Options, Bonds and other market related data, including fundamentals.

ProTA was written exclusively for the Macintosh and takes full advantage of the elegant and intuitive Mac interface. ProTA was designed with convenience in mind. You'll save time, improve your trading analysis and increase your profitability.

Please visit Beesoft where you can purchase Pro TA.

Peter Hoadley's Derivatives Add-in for Microsoft Excel

Peter Hoadley has developed an Add-in module for Microsoft Excel XP and above that will perform a wide range of Derivatives calculations, including the calculation of option prices, hedge parameters ("Greeks"), implied volatility, historical volatility, underlying asset probabilities, trading profitability, futures pricing, identification of optimal early exercise points, value at risk (VaR) and much more. There are also functions to retrieve option chains and equity quotes (including streaming real-time) from a number of sources, such as WebLink's own BullSignal.

For more details, see our page on using Peter Hoadley's Derivatives Add-in with BullSignal.

Other Products

Historical Data CD-Rom
Analyze not just a few days or months, but the last 15 years. This way you iron out the 'knee jerk' reaction of the market and see the true value of a company as part of your long term investment strategy.  Print our order form or contact us to order.

Available Formats
  • MetaStock
  • Text
Pricing (includes GST)
  • A$165 (plus A$12.50 postage)
  • Special: Pre-pay any plan for 12 months and get an Historical CD for only A$109 (plus A$12.50 postage)
MetaStock CD is suitable for PC CD ROM. Text CD is suitable for PC, or ProTA on Mac. Please choose carefully as refunds only available if CD disk is faulty and you obtain a Return Authorisation Number within 7 days of purchase.


Payment Details

Monthly Payment Options
You are able to pay by credit card, Mastercard, Visa, Bankcard, AMEX or Diners on a monthly basis. You are able to use the Registration Form to pay by cheque or credit card on 3, 6, 9 or 12 month basis. Cheques, money or postal orders can be made out to WebLink. Direct credit to our bank account is possible for one-off payments (not monthly periodic).  
Subscription modifications and cancellation
Due to royalty reporting to the Australian Stock Exchange, 30 days notice is required for any subscription changes and cancellations of the service. Please contact us for details.

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