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WebLink's own BullCharts is an innovative charting and technical analysis system. It provides a feature rich and powerful set of tools, while still remaining intuitive, easy to use and clear in presentation. Key features include intraday charts, over 170 built in indicators and line studies, and BullScript - a tool to write your own custom indicators.

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Metastock is a technical analysis program with a comprehensive range of features.

Metastock has features that allow the import of daily data from the WebLink e-mail system. Metastock easily integrates with WebLink's system, making it easy to import data from Weblink's daily e-mails.

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The BEST Mac investor package, very highly recommended by our members. Market analysis program designed specifically for the individual investor-trader.

ProTA handles all aspects of quote maintenance, display and analysis, as well as charting and technical analysis. ProTA will accommodate Stocks, Mutual Funds, Market Indices, Futures, Options, Bonds and other market related data, including fundamentals.

ProTA was written exclusively for the Macintosh and takes full advantage of the elegant and intuitive Mac interface. ProTA was designed with convenience in mind. You'll save time, improve your trading analysis and increase your profitability.

Click here to go to the Beesoft site where you can order ProTA.

Hoadley Trading & Investment Tools

Hoadley Trading & Investment Tools has developed an Excel Add-in, the Hoadley Finance Add-in for Excel, that will perform a wide range of Derivatives calculations, including the calculation of option prices, hedge parameters ("Greeks"), implied volatility, historical volatility, underlying asset probabilities, trading profitability, futures pricing, identification of optimal early exercise points, value at risk (VaR) and much more. There are also functions to retrieve option chains and equity quotes (including streaming real-time) from a number of sources, such as WebLink's own BullSignal.

For more information, see using the Hoadley Finance Add-in for Excel with BullSignal.

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