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International Data

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What international data is now available?

WebLink is now providing end of day data for major US exchanges. Data available includes the open, high, low, close and volume for each company, as well as industry group information for many major companies. This data is updated each morning to reflect the prices of the market which closes a couple of hours earlier. Times may vary depending on daylight savings.

Who has access to this new data?

US data is currently provided to users on the Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Dynamic plans.

How much does it cost?

As mentioned above, the US data is included free of charge to users on the Unlimited Dynamic and Unlimited Plus plans. It can be added to any other plan for $11.00 per month, including GST.

In which currency are stocks quoted?

US data is quoted in US dollars. Please note that for this reason it is recommended that you do not build a share holdings portfolio that contains both ASX and US companies. We are also working to provide currency conversion tools.

Which sections of the website will display US data?

Not all sections are able to display US securities. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, WebLink only provides trading data for US, so sections such as News do not have US data. Secondly, WebLink only provides end-of-day US data, so sections such as Latest Trades and the Dynamic services do not have US data. A comprehensive list of services that do include US data follows.

  • Quotes
    • Quick Quote
    • Security Details
    • Line Chart
    • Historical
  • Portfolio
    • Watchlists
    • Share Holdings
    • Snapshot View
    • Custom Templates
    • Valuation View
    • Chart View
  • MarketView
    • Market Map
    • Market Pyramid
    • Advances/Declines
    • Industry Sectors
    • Stock View
    • Market History
  • Charts
    • Daily Interval only
    • Most chart types
    • All Indicators
    • All display options
    • Chart Templates
  • Other tools
    • Symbol Search
    • Summary page

Which sections of the website will display currency data?

Not all sections are able to display currency data. This is largely due to the differences between currencies and equity data, however services are made available for both where it makes sense. For example, you can chart a currency's movement over time.

  • Quotes
    • Quick Quote
    • Line Chart
    • Historical
  • MarketView
    • Exchange Rates
  • Charts
    • Daily Interval only
    • Some chart types
    • Basic Indicators
    • Chart Templates
  • Other tools
    • Symbol Search

How do I access or use international data?

US enabled sections of the website will have an Exchange drop-down box next to the Symbol box. This contains the two WebLink exchange codes 'ASX' and 'US'. Select the exchange you wish to use, then enter the symbol for the security you wish to view into the symbol box.

Although there are multiple stock exchanges in the united states, it is generally more convenient to consider them collectively. Subsequently we have grouped them together with the exchange code 'US'.

Another method of selecting which exchange you wish to use is to prefix the symbol with the exchange code and a dot. For example, you can enter US.MSFT directly into the symbol exchange and the correct security will be displayed irrespective of the exchange dropdown. There are three reasons why you may wish to do this:

  • If you are switching between exchanges, it will save time
  • Sometimes an exchange dropdown is not present, eg the QuickLinks.
  • If you are entering multiple symbols (see below)

Some website sections allow you to enter multiple symbols at once. These include creating a new watchlist and getting a multi-symbol quick quote. You will usually be able to enter symbols from different exchanges. Eg: To enter Telstra on the ASX and Microsoft from the US, select 'ASX' in the exchange dropdown and then enter TLS,US.MSFT in the symbol box. Alternatively, simply enter ASX.TLS,US.MSFT in the symbol box.

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